Life is Art

Krystle & Ryan Colorado Wedding Photography

K & R are not professional models. I promise. Krystle is a professional hairdresser. Check out their engagement shoot here to see what she’s done with her hair in the last six months. WOW. Check out Krystle’s at: Krystle LaNell Designs.


The thing I love to see more than anything at weddings is people who are SO HAPPY to be getting married. I know it sounds pretty essential, but some couples really get caught up in the stress of the whole ordeal. Krystle was amazing. Not only was she so thrilled to be marrying Ryan (as you can see all over her face in the pic below) she was also calm and cool, and had it together all day long. It didn’t even bother her that it was threatening to rain more-or-less ALL DAY. It’s as if she fully expected the heavens to hold back precipitation on her day. And they did.

This groomsmen shot definitely makes them look like they’re a band.

Notice Krystle–trained beauty professional that she is–doing her own hair in the background. The bridesmaids had such a good time getting ready.

The stunning Sherrie Murray. Also an amazing hairstylist. Check out her studio: Your Wig.

K just before the ceremony.

Ryan the action hero.

Fantastically creative handmade decorations.


This was my favorite moment in their wedding. I think I remember crying because it was like that. A friend was singing “Broken Road” by Rascall Flats (which is a tear jerker to begin with) and Krystle and Ryan just sort of fell into eachother’s arms. It was amazing to watch their spontaneous affection in the middle of their ceremony. You can tell how glad they both were to be there.

Here they are in front of their own front door. I think this is especially awesome because just this summer we moved out of the house that my husband and I lived in when we were first married. There’s just something about the first place you live together as a young family. I would have loved a pic like this of our old place.

Walking together out into the rest of their lives…


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