Life is Art


Better, More Interesting Pictures…

Considering the rash of incredibly advanced digital cameras available on the consumer market these days, you wouldn’t hire a professional photographer just so you can be sure your pictures turn out okay. You can look at the considerably large screen on the back of your credit card sized camera to be sure of that. You can even blow them up, print them and frame them yourself if you’re willing to drive to Wal-Mart. The catch is, there is a difference between a snapshot and a piece of art.

A snapshot is simple, it’s a record of events. Certain people were at a certain place at a certain time. Everyone can create snapshots. Everyone does create snapshots. Photographers create art.

Art touches our daily lives almost constantly. Clothing, makeup, architecture, accessories, home decorations, store displays, cars, cities, websites, mobile phones,  all have been designed enrich our lives aesthetically. Shouldn’t our photographs, our record of our lives, which informs our memories, reflect the art we experience in our lives? Shouldn’t our portraits show how we live as well as how we look?

As a Photographer, my work extends well beyond creating a visual record of events. It is my privilege to capture the experience of an event, the personality of a person, and the art of our lives.

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