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Now that the holidays are over, and I’ve gotten (mostly) through those endless piles of completely random “work” brought on by moving. As well as shooting various portraits and events as favors for close friends and family members and the editing, emailing, and reprocessing that goes with. It looks like I finally have time to get to work on a total overhaul of my website. (I say looks like as I have been earnestly trying to get down to work on it all day and even though my house is quiet and my daughter is at preschool all day, I keep schizophrenically jumping back and forth between entirely too many different things: scratching out ideas for paragraphs about pricing on sheets of printer paper, crossing off things I had written down in my notebook that now sound snarky, looking for already-converted JPGS of certain images that would go with certain text, only to find they have my old watermark on them, answering the door to solicitors selling everything from magazines, to political opinions, to steak.) Anyhow, suffice to say that I’m extremely excited about my website–which is being designed by the talented (and extremely patient) Ed Highfield at Project Pause–and I can’t wait for everyone to see my favorite images displayed in a much more slick and tidy site. Until then, here’a few pics I’ve dug up in the last week or so for this endeavor. I’m going to have to go jog a couple of miles at the gym to clear my head before I can figure out how to write an “About: Libby Neder Photography” section that describes my style accurately while being neither self aggrandizing nor self deprecating (and doesn’t resort to linking to to make my point about professional photography being more than just a good camera–like I did just now).IMG_0150-Edit



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